Melissa Maddox-Evans

Fair Housing Testimonial

Melissa Maddox-Evans, Esq., General Counsel for the Housing Authority of the City of Charleston, speaks on the importance of Fair Housing.

Alissa Leitzow

Addresses Fair Housing

The Executive Director of Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services, Alissa Leitzow, speaks about the importance of Fair Housing.

William Dudley Gregorie

Speaks about Fair Housing in the City of Charleston, SC

City of Charleston's District 6 Councilman William Dudley Gregorie addresses the need for Fair Housing.

What Is The Fair Housing Act?

A brief description of the Fair Housing Act. Fair Housing is your right!

Lyndon B. Johnson's Fair Housing Speech

President Lyndon B. Johnson gives a speech after signing into law the Fair Housing act of 1968.

Barack Obama Addresses Fair Housing

President Barack Obama addresses how we can make our communities stronger through Fair Housing.

Otha Meadows

Fair Housing Testimonial

President and CEO of the Charleston Trident Urban League addresses the importance of Fair Housing.

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Fair Housing Videos

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